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Handmade Pottery

We are excited to offer our newest collection of handmade pottery made here in Alabama. We love the story behind our newest makers! These pieces are truly products with a purpose that give back-

Prodigal Pottery started from the dream to create jobs for women fleeing homelessness and domestic abuse in a safe and therapeutic environment.

King's Home is home and safe haven to over 50 women who are seeking hope and restoration from pasts riddled with abuse and homelessness. When King's Home was donated an industrial kiln and pottery supplies, the dream to create jobs for the women of King's Home became a reality. Since Prodigal Pottery started in 2014, the women, many who are working on their GED's, grow in their basic job skills. As they have learned how to roll clay, “love” any imperfections, paint, tag and inventory pottery, they are also creatively solving problems and developing relationships in the workplace. 

The multiple full time and part time staff consider the Prodigal Pottery studio their "happy place" where they can work through the difficult things happening in their lives, while still holding down a steady and rewarding job.

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